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How To Use Stripes Effectively In Your Home Decor

The use of stripes in home decor is usually considered appropriate for people with a more adventurous approach to decorating. Whether this is strictly true or not, we don’t know. We do know that there are only a few women with figures fabulous enough to wear stripes, so maybe we should proceed with the same caution when dressing our homes too.

With a little thought, stripes don’t have to be over-powering, and they can look quite sophisticated in small doses. If you take time to visit bars in top-end hotels, you will see stripes discreetly winking at you from their comfy sofas. Using stripes this way, to blend in with, and enhance your existing decor rather than dominating it, is a more sophisticated approach that will suit most rooms.

When you do find the right room to include stripes in, you will tune in to a range of striped patterns on sofas, curtains, scatter cushions, throws, crockery and artwork. Any one of these items can be used to create a unique interior, without you committing to a whole room of striped walls. For example, painting a couple of prominent parallel lines on your wall, or around your door-way will have a more artistic effect than an entire room slapped full of striped wallpaper. You could even try wallpapering (or painting) one accent wall with stripes to create a

Home Decor Tips – Only One Wall Effective

Original ornaments on the walls are still in fashion. Fantasy and effect have a warm welcome in every modern house. But it can’t be too much of it, cause it might make the interior too heavy. That’s why the designers recommend to single out…only one wall.

There are so many designs, colors and techniques of how to decorate the wall that we might get dizzy from all of that. And what is worse there are no rules that we should have a wallpaper in more traditional interior and a photo wallpaper and wood on the wall in the modern house. Well, it’s not that bad at all cause we have a wider field to use our imagination, play with colors, designs.

We can mix and match old furniture with new accessories and ornaments. Also with those on the walls. From a different side we can put new furniture and have the walls made in the traditional way with traditional wallpaper. The newest and the most effective, cheap way of decorating the walls is to paint only one of them. And according to trends it has to be intensive color – purple, red, bronze. And what are the other ways to decor the wall (and not also wall)?

We might use decorative plaster. It has an unusual structure – irregular and rugged which makes a nice look of

Nautical Wallpaper Is Not Just For The Beach

Nautical Wallpaper has become one of the most popular styles used by decorators today. It is also popular among do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and anyone looking to freshen up their decor. The reason the style has increased in popularity recently is due to a number of factors. For one thing, seascapes, sailing, beaches and marine life are all very popular among children and adults alike. Additionally, the colors, such as light tans, blues and creams, are all favorable among a variety of decors.

While previously a nautical theme implied a very narrow range of styles, today things have changed. Instead of simply applying to a seascape with a tall sailboat drifting into the horizon, now the theme includes a variety of styles, some abstract, some realistic, but all pleasant to look at.

For example, patterns of blue and beige stripes are popular. So are images of blue hydrangeas, beach sandals and lighthouses. All of these images evoke the serenity and peace of the beach life. This sentiment is popular in any decor because it provides a sense of warmth, comfort and peace throughout the room.

By selecting a nautical wallpaper for your home, you allow this sense of well-being to be part of your decor. This benefits you every day in the home, but it also provides a benefit to your house guests at parties, family and friends who come to share in the warmth your home provides.

It is of course the most popular theme

Wallpaper Designs Advice

When you seek you beautify your home through the use of appealing wallpaper designs, let not your sense of naivete dictate the choices you make. There are many designs out there, far more than any one person is likely to be able to view and process, and you might lose sense of what would look good in reality when confronted with such a smorgasbord. Modern wallpaper designs may be contemporary, but remember that ‘modern’ changes as the years go by and become ‘antiquated’. You want to get something that will outlive the current design trends of the day, unless you can afford the waste that changing wallpapers entails. Even if you can afford it, the environment cannot, so choose wisely and for longevity.

Be very careful of crazy wallpaper designs and funky wallpaper designs that may seem like a good fit for your home upon first impressions- you are likely to regret your choice once the novelty value wears off. The same goes for overly gaudy designs that may remind you of a more carefree period in history or your own life. Unless you truly like such designs, it’s better to go for something more conservative and tasteful. That’s not to say that some of the vintage wallpaper designs out there wouldn’t work- gaudiness can be a virtue if done right. Unfortunately, it rarely is and it can be a challenge to find something that would work in your home.

Simple, solid colors can work great

Turn Your Walls Into A Talking Point With Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a triumphant resurgence over the past few years and now we’re simply overwhelmed with choice when it comes to wall coverings. With it’s unique beauty, durability and versatility, wallpaper has the power to create far greater a visual impact than seemingly plain painted walls. Whatever your style may be, there is a wallpaper to complement and enhance your interior design scheme!

The Purpose of Wallpaper

No longer confined to old, tired homes, wallpaper is now commonplace within contemporary homes and regarded as a piece of art in it’s own right. Injecting texture, colour and pattern, wallpaper can either enrich your chosen design scheme, or be framed as the focal point of a room. Once solely used as a feature wall or complete wall covering (for the more daring), the versatility of wallpaper has become increasingly apparent as new and innovative applications are uncovered. From creating the illusion of greater height or breadth through the design and placement of pattern, to transforming the often neglected ceiling with an intriguing layer of colour and texture, the possibilities are simply endless.

Buying & Applying Wallpaper

Before you start pasting wallpaper to your wall however, consider the purpose of the room and the frequency in which you use it. Is the room utilised for work or relaxation? Is it occupied in the morning, evening or throughout the day? With this in mind, you must then decide on a suitable material. The chosen material will ultimately

Paint Or Wallpapers the Most Suitable For Your Homes

Decorating your home is always an exciting and rewarding endeavor for most home owners while there are others that combine functionality with aesthetic value. This goes perfectly for your walls especially in choosing which must be used either paint or wallpapers. In order to know which alternative will definitely work for you and give you astounding benefits, it is a must that you learn and understand the features of each one.

Paint and wallpapers have varying features and benefits for home owners and their properties when it comes to improving and protecting their homes. Walls must be shielded and protected from elements, temperature and other components and painting your walls or covering it with wallpapers could help a lot in the structural foundations of your home. The difference however is on the manageability, difficulty of application of such materials and toughness of its protection on the walls.

Paints for instance are the longest and highly preferred treatment for walls either in home exteriors and home interiors. There are different types of wall paints such as latex, enamel and oil-based. Latex paints are known for its fast-drying features and easy application as well as the convenience in its maintenance.

It is also non-flammable hence it is highly safe and secured without sacrificing the decorative or aesthetic value in its effect on your walls. The setback for latex paint is that it may cause metals to rust and it is more difficult to clean compare to other

Easy Instructions For Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper Panelling

When it comes to wallpaper panelling, we refer to wallpaper strips with individual designs that can make beautiful, eye-catching statements on the walls of your home. Have you ever seen houses with this design? Have you ever fancied them and thought to yourself how you can pull it off on your own home? Now you can, by following our easy and simple instructions.

Before you start, you may want to prepare all the needed materials first. These include the wallpaper panel design of your choice, some wallpaper glue, and scissors. That is pretty simple for just the materials, isn’t it?

1. Now you can start. You have the freedom to choose which area of the house you would like to put your wallpaper panel to. If you choose the bedroom, or the kitchen, it is entirely up to you. You can also choose to decorate the whole house, if you wish.

2. By holding the top portion of the wallpaper, apply your chosen adhesive to the wallpaper. Be sure not to accidentally bring them over each other or else you are going to have a problem afterwards by pulling them off apart. It might tear the wallpaper so you need to be careful.

3. Once you have applied the adhesive, gently hold the top of the wallpaper. Attach it to the outermost edge of the side of the wall that you wish to place it on. If your chosen area is a little bit

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