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Easy Instructions For Do-It-Yourself Wallpaper Panelling

When it comes to wallpaper panelling, we refer to wallpaper strips with individual designs that can make beautiful, eye-catching statements on the walls of your home. Have you ever seen houses with this design? Have you ever fancied them and thought to yourself how you can pull it off on your own home? Now you can, by following our easy and simple instructions.

Before you start, you may want to prepare all the needed materials first. These include the wallpaper panel design of your choice, some wallpaper glue, and scissors. That is pretty simple for just the materials, isn’t it?

1. Now you can start. You have the freedom to choose which area of the house you would like to put your wallpaper panel to. If you choose the bedroom, or the kitchen, it is entirely up to you. You can also choose to decorate the whole house, if you wish.

2. By holding the top portion of the wallpaper, apply your chosen adhesive to the wallpaper. Be sure not to accidentally bring them over each other or else you are going to have a problem afterwards by pulling them off apart. It might tear the wallpaper so you need to be careful.

3. Once you have applied the adhesive, gently hold the top of the wallpaper. Attach it to the outermost edge of the side of the wall that you wish to place it on. If your chosen area is a little bit too high for you to reach, be sure you have prepared a stool or a chair that is high enough to make you reach the area.

4. When you can now reach the area, start sticking the outermost edges. Start from that part and work your way in. Be sure that no bubbles are visible and that the wallpaper is applied smoothly throughout the wall.

5. You can use a special brush or any accessory that can flatten the wallpaper across the wall. Once you have run your way throughout the entire length of it, you may leave it be to dry. Make sure it is out of reach from children and pets or else you are going to have to do it all over again.

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